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As your trusted business partner, we've developed a set of tools to help you get a better idea of how your financial institution can utilize our products.




    The FHLBank Indianapolis Dividend-Adjusted Rate Calculator tool is intended to provide members with a simple spreadsheet for estimating the net borrowing cost taking into consideration the potential additional dividends on activity stock.

    Dividend-Adjusted Rate Calculator


    Members who sell mortgages under Advantage MPP, now have the ability to “opt-in” to the activity stock requirement as a result of the new Capital Plan. This tool will estimate the added value of selling to MPP Advantage that is created from the potential stock dividends from activity (B-2) and non-activity (B-1) stock.

    Advantage MPP: Value of Stock Opt-In Tool

  • Marginal Cost Tool

    The marginal cost of bringing in new deposits can be much higher than the stated deposit rate. This tool calculates the marginal cost, given a few assumptions, and compares it to alternative funding options. The tool allows you to evaluate the marginal cost alternatives for a situation where you are looking to increase deposit rates, and it also allows you to evaluate a situation where you are lowering rates and replacing funding

    Marginal Cost Tool

  • Average Life Calculator

    The average life of a loan represents the average number of years for which each dollar of unpaid principal remains outstanding. Knowing the expected average life of a loan will help in developing a matched funding strategy. The calculator below requires an assumed term, rate of interest, and anticipated rate of prepayment (CPR) for input.

    Average Life Calculator

  • Advantage MPP Lender Risk Account (LRA) Valuation Tool

    When you sell your high-quality loans to Advantage MPP, we create a fixed Lender Risk Account (LRA) at the time of loan acquisition. The tool below has been designed to give the user an estimate of the potential value of the LRA. This tool estimates both the net present value and cash flows under various loss scenarios.

    MPP Advantatage LRA Valuation

The tools available are for educational and illustrative purposes only. The Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis ("Bank") wants this information to be as up-to-date and accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee and do not warrant that it is error-free. The results shown are highly dependent on the assumptions made to produce the results. Actual results may vary based on changes in loan prepayment speeds, changes in interest rates, and the shape of the yield curve. Other economic and financial market factors may also have a significant material impact on the results. The Bank is not a financial or investment adviser. It is solely the reader's responsibility to evaluate the risks and merits of any funding strategy or business proposal prior to entering into a transaction. The decision to obtain advances and/or credit products from the FHLBank Indianapolis, and the analysis of how they may fit into a member's financial or business strategy, remain the member's sole responsibility.

Educational Resources

Our members are the focus of all we do, and we are fully invested in your success. That's why we have developed a series of educational resources to help guide you as you consider using FHLBank Indianapolis products.

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