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As your trusted business partner, we are fully invested in your success. We've developed a series of educational resources below to help you find the best ways to use the products and services that FHLBank Indianapolis offers.


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August 2021 Member Newsletter


Reflecting on Current Challenges and Opportunities

With the improving pandemic and economic backgrounds, what are some of the key significant challenges facing our depository members?

Learn more about Current Challenges and Opportunities

Benefitting from FHLBank Indianapolis B2 Activity Stock

Learn about the value from the potential increased dividend when evaluating funding costs, selling mortgages, or securing a line of credit (LOC).

Learn more about how to best beneft from FHLBank Indianapolis B2 Activity Stock

Partnership That Pays: Calculating Dividend-Adjusted Advance Rate

One of the biggest benefits of FHLBank Indianapolis membership is being an owner and shareholder. This article will show how to calculate the value of the potential higher dividend and highlight the online tools available on Member Link.

Learn more about Evaluating the Value of FHLBank Indianapolis activity stock

Reliable Access to Funding Webinar

During this webinar we provide an overview of the steps that members can take now to potentially expand and ensure borrowing capacity is available when needed. These steps include a review of information available online, agreements and authorizations to verify if in place, review of eligible collateral, and how to perform a test advance. 

Click here for the PDF version of the slides: Reliable Access to Funding Webinar Slides.

Brokered Deposits

Advances and brokered deposits offer attractive solutions to fund balance sheet growth.  Over the last couple of years, many members expanded use of both products in order to fund strong asset growth. As market rates have decreased, FHLB advance rates have declined in lock-step, making them very attractive relative to other funding alternatives, often pricing through brokered deposits of similar terms as the deposit market lags.  FHLB advances provide an attractive alternative for members looking to replace those maturing brokered deposits, both from a rate and term perspective, as advance terms can be customized to match a members funding gap

Learn more about what to consider when looking at brokered deposits

Sliding Down a Narrowing Slope

On October 31, 2019, The Fed Funds Target Range was lowered by another 25 basis points to 1.50-1.75%. Since August, rates have been lowered 3 times. It is now clear that institutions must have a strategic plan to proactively manage their balance sheet and maintain spreads as rates slide down. When deposit rates are lowered, the concern is generally runoff, or that deposit holders leave. To replace funds, an institution may turn to FHLBank Indianapolis advances. As your institution evaluates deposit rates in this low rate environment, consider calculating the marginal cost.

Learn more about Evaluating Marginal Cost with Decreasing Rates

Time to Adjust Deposit Pricing?

It is a best practice among depositories to consider the marginal cost of funds when embarking on
deposit pricing strategies designed to increase balance sheet funding for asset growth, particularly
during times when rates are rising. Recently, market interest rates have dropped dramatically, but
many community depositories, for example, are still offering CD specials or other deposit products at
rates greater than 2%. Even without taking into consideration the effect of cannibalization that
increases marginal cost, but rather, just considering the rate by itself, FHLBank Indianapolis advance
rates are often lower.

Learn more about Adjusting Deposit Pricing

Down Interest Rate Strategies

Today’s interest rate environment feels like we are in an elevator in which all the buttons have been pushed, and we're not sure which direction it will take us next. With the Fed Funds Target Rate being decreased by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), institutions have to think about whether their strategies may have to be adjusted. If rates are going down, here are some funding issues to consider. 

Learn more about Down Interest Rate Strategies


On Tuesday, January 15, 2019, FHLBank Indianapolis issued its first SOFR-indexed bond, the fourth SOFR issuance for the FHLBank System overall. Global regulators are pushing for LIBOR (the London Interbank Offered Rate) to be phased out by the end of 2021, and SOFR is the recommended alternative. The introduction of SOFR and transition away from LIBOR is a complicated process; below are some questions that are answered to help our members better understand these significant market changes. 

Learn more about LIBOR to SOFR

Marginal Cost

Many depository institutions are evaluating whether to raise deposits rates to generate additional funding (or to prevent deposits from leaving). Member Link provides members access to a tool that helps evaluate the impact of increasing deposit rates by calculating the marginal cost – the true cost of new deposits generated.

Learn more about Marginal Cost

Brokered Deposits

When looking for fuel to sustain or rev up a loan engine, institutions look primarily to two types of funding – deposits or wholesale borrowings. Just as there are different sources for wholesale funding, there are different sources for deposits. Core retail deposits bring an undeniable value to an institution. Brokered Deposits become part of total deposits, but are they providing the same value and are they always the best choice?

Learn More about Brokered Deposits

Should you raise your deposit rates?

After each rate hike, industry analysts like to speculate if banks and credit unions will be increasing deposit rates. When a rate increase occurs, do you follow? By how much? It is important to have a plan in place to think through this decision. Determining the marginal cost associated with increasing deposit rates is an important part of making that decision. 

Learn More about raising deposit rates

Liquidity Planning

Living in the Midwest, weathermen often warn viewers about converging cold fronts that will collide with high precipitation in a stalled low-pressure area resulting in multiple inches of snow. The banking industry is showing signs of several factors coming together, and many of the regulators are taking notice and sending a warning message. These warning signs point towards conditions that could create unexpected lack of liquidity. Are you monitoring the signs and planning for a potential storm? What are these warning signs?

Learn more about liquidity planning

Amortizing Mortgage Advances

Residential mortgage securities and 1-4 family mortgage loans continue to be attractive assets to acquire. Holding residential mortgage assets on the balance sheet can provide income and collateral for future borrowing needs, but it can also impact an institution’s interest rate risk exposure. Selling long term mortgage originations has been a strategy used by some, but this means giving up high-quality earning assets. The FHLBank Indianapolis amortizing mortgage advance can help by providing long-term funding with amortization and prepayment characteristics built into the repayment structure of the advance.

Learn more about Amortizing Mortgage Advances

Bullet Advances

The bullet advance is one of the oldest FHLBank Indianapolis credit offerings. Over the years, FHLBank Indianapolis has provided members with a variety of funding structures, such as advances with floating rates, fixed rates, amortizing terms, pre-payments options, and interest rate caps. With structures becoming more complex, it may seem that the "plain vanilla" bullet advance would go the way of the flip phone; yet, simplicity, flexibility, and a lack of optionality often make the bullet advance a funding manager's favorite tool. 

Learn more about Bullet Advances

Member Tools

We've developed strategic tools to help you better understand how FHLBank Indianapolis can be a valued strategic partner for your business.

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