• FHLBI Pays Out Financial Reward to 43 Members Participating in MPP Program

    The Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis recently released more than $761,000 in Lender Risk Account (LRA) funds to 43 depository members in recognition of the performing loans they sold into FHLBI’s Mortgage Purchase Program (MPP). Payouts to participating FHLBI members ranged from $65 to as much as $112,000, depending on the dollar volume of originated mortgages sold into the pool.
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  • LRA_1760x880_72_7q

    FHLBI's Mortgage Purchase Program Can Provide Income Stream to Sellers

    For members participating in FHLBI's Mortgage Purchase Program, year-end is a good time to consider your Lender Risk Account valuation
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  • MPP Adds Value to Members' Mortgage Activity

    FHLBI's Mortgage Purchase Program is in its 12th year of providing FHLBI members with a competitive secondary market outlet for high-quality, conforming, fixed-rate mortgages.
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