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Cindy Konich,
President and CEO 


On March 16, 2020, Advantage MPP published MPP Bulletin 01-20 regarding COVID-19 Relief for Borrowers. The text of the bulletin can be read below.

FHLBank Indianapolis recognizes these are unique times and borrowers may be impacted in various ways. Primarily, the implementation of social distancing may impact some borrowers’ ability to work and receive an otherwise expected level of income.

Temporary Payment Relief (Forbearance) due to Hardship

Under forbearance, the servicer can agree to reduce or suspend the borrower’s monthly payments for a specified period. After that, the borrower must agree to resume his or her regular monthly payments and to pay additional money at scheduled intervals toward repayment of the amount reduced or suspended. The term of forbearance may be granted up to 90 days from the date of the first reduced or suspended payment. Written approval from FHLBank Indianapolis is required for longer periods.

Servicer Responsibilities

Assess the impact on the borrower:

  • Not all borrowers will be financially impacted. Determine and confirm the nature of the borrower’s employment and the impact on their income.

    Assess the borrower’s ability to make payments:

  • As in all hardship cases, a determination should be made on the borrower’s ability to pay. If a borrower is financially impacted but can still sustain a payment, relief may not be warranted.

    Maintain support of decision making:

  • All information collected and reviewed should be maintained to support the servicer’s decision.

Permanent Relief Options

  • All permanent relief options, including modifications, will still require review and approval by FHLBank Indianapolis.

This situation is fluid; Advantage MPP staff will continue to monitor and provide updates as this situation evolves. As always, please contact our staff with any questions related to this bulletin.

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Rest assured that FHLBank Indianapolis is ready and able to meet our members' liquidity needs as the coronavirus spreads.

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Please review this Coronavirus Preparedness letter from FHLBank President and CEO Cindy Konich to ensure your financial institution has everything it needs to access FHLBank Indianapolis liquidity during this time.