FHLBank Indianapolis is proud to announce that the Board of Directors has adopted a new Capital Plan that will go into effect on September 26, 2020. We're confident the new plan will provide more opportunities for all of our members to partner with us.

This Plan was developed in response to a comprehensive membership survey. This plan positions FHLBank Indianapolis to better serve the liquidity and asset-liability needs of our members in the long term. You will have more flexibility in maximizing your relationship with the bank.

Key changes in the Capital Plan:

  1. Membership stock requirements will be calculated based on total assets instead of mortgage-related assets.
  2. The Plan provides the flexibility for two options for Activity-based stock.
  3. Advantage MPP users will have the flexibility to acquire activity stock related to their mortgage sales.
  4. The Plan gives the Board the flexibility to establish different dividend rates for each stock class.

More choices, greater flexibility for members

Stock requirements under the new FHLBank Indianapolis Capital Plan:
The table below details the membership and activity stock requirements our members can expect under the new Capital Plan. 

Membership Stock Requirements and Activity-Based Stock Requirements Effective September 26, 2020

To view the Capital Plan, click below.
Capital Plan (Current)
Capital Plan (Effective September 26, 2020)
Capital Plan Frequently Asked Questions
Capital Plan Spacing Graphic


We know that you will have questions. You want to understand how the new Plan will impact your investment with the bank. We have planned the following:

Plan Requirements Communication. We will share details of the plan and how it will affect your institution via email by no later than September 11, 2020.

Webinars. We will send a schedule for informational webinars to members later this year. There will be multiple opportunities to attend and ask questions. If you are unable to participate in any scheduled webinars, you can view a recording of the presentation. 

Account Manager meetings. Account Managers will be available to host one-on-one sessions this fall, beginning in October. 

We are with you every step of the way. Our team will be ready to work with you to: 

  • Walk you through the details of the Capital Plan.
  • Help you model different stock scenarios by changing some of the assumptions related to your usage of FHLBank Indianapolis credit products and Advantage MPP.
  • Help you maximize your membership through FHLBank Indianapolis services and activity.