Callable fixed-rate advances offer competitive fixed rates on long-term funds with an option to prepay the advance on certain predetermined dates ("call dates") without incurring a prepayment fee. 

This advance:

  • Aids in dealing with prepayment risk and interest rate risk and
  • Can provide funding for a fixed-rate mortgage portfolio or other loan type where the customer has an option to prepay the loan.


Typical maturities from 1-Year to 10-Years


Remains fixed until called or until maturity 

Interest is Paid

Monthly and/or at Maturity

Principal is Paid

At Maturity

Principal Prepayment Policy

May prepay without fee on the specified call dates provided that proper notification is given to FHLBank Indianapolis in accordance with the callable advance terms sheet. Prepayments at any other time are subject to prepayment fees described in the callable advance terms sheet


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