Symmetrical long-term fixed-rate advances offer fixed-rate liabilities available in numerous maturities where the member will have an opportunity to realize a gain from a rise in interest rates when the advance is prepaid.

This advance:

  • Aids balance sheet restructuring and helps lessen interest rate risk exposure by lengthening liabilities and
  • Is competitive with deposits and assists in the stabilization or reduction of interest-rate risk.


Typical maturities from 1-Year to 10-Years


An additional spread will be applied to the fixed-rate bullet advance rate offered to the member in exchange for the right to receive a prepayment credit in certain market conditions

Interest is Paid


Principal is Paid

At Maturity

Principal Prepayment Policy

The advance termination fee will be the greater of ten (10) basis points multiplied by the advance principal balance or 10% of the absolute value of the difference between the present value of the advance and its principal balance


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