Mortgage advances are fixed-rate advances that are repaid according to a specified schedule with a balloon payment of remaining principal at maturity.

Amortizing advances are available through the Community Investment Program (CIP) with maturities up to 20 years.

This advance:

  • Helps match the amortization characteristics of certain fixed rate assets and
  • Can help manage difficult to forecast and long-term cash flows.


Typical maturities from 3-Years to 12-Years


At the time of application, FHLBank Indianapolis will provide a fixed rate indication and a principal repayment schedule based on the terms and prepayment assumptions specified by the member

Interest is Paid

Monthly and at Maturity

Principal is Paid

Monthly or annual repayments of principal are based on a prepayment assumption selected by the member, allowing the repayment of the advance to match anticipated prepayments on the mortgages being funded

Principal Prepayment Policy

May prepay subject to applicable limitations and prepayment fees described in the mortgage advance terms sheet.

Application Call FHLBank Indianapolis by 10:00 am ET for same banking day funding

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