How We Serve

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis (FHLBI) is a regional wholesale bank that has been meeting the liquidity needs of member financial institutions throughout Indiana and Michigan since 1932. Our core mission is to provide a reliable source of liquidity to member banks, credit unions, community development financial institutions, and insurance companies to support housing finance, asset-liability management, and community lending.  We also help communities and families through grants and low-cost loans to our members that help support affordable housing and economic development initiatives.

FHLBI is one of 11 regional banks that make up the Federal Home Loan Bank System. FHLBanks are government-sponsored enterprises created by Congress to ensure access to low-cost funding for their member financial institutions. FHLBanks are privately capitalized and funded, and receive no Congressional appropriations. The FHLBI is owned by its approximately 400 Indiana and Michigan financial institution members.

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Member Benefits

As an independent cooperative, FHLBI is privately capitalized and owned by about 400 financial institutions big and small across Indiana and Michigan. As a cooperative, we pass our borrowing benefits in the global debt markets on to our members in the form of lower borrowing costs, which are subsequently passed on to consumers, businesses and communities. As FHLBI members, financial institutions also benefit from access to other products and services and benefits of being a stockholder.

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Reliable Liquidity

FHLBI provides its members with safe, consistent and reliable access to the capital market at a competitive price. Our borrowing power is backed by the collective strength of 11 Federal Home Loan Banks nationwide. The strength of the system means Michigan and Indiana members benefit from lower cost funding and a wide variety of tailored credit products which ultimately benefit homeowners and the economy.

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Mortgage Purchasing

FHLBI’s Mortgage Purchasing Program (MPP) provides members with a competitive secondary market outlet for high-quality, confirming, fixed-rate mortgages. Participating members can use this opportunity to reduce interest rate risk and create balance sheet flexibility. Unlike other secondary mortgage market outlets, MPP participants can be rewarded with future cash flows for high-performing loans.

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Community & Housing Programs

The FHLBI offers many programs to help finance local affordable housing and community development initiatives. All funding is made available to our member financial institutions who in turn pass it along to assist homebuyers, homeowners, housing finance authorities, and community organizations.

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Our Membership

At FHLBI, our members are our owners. Our diverse base of bank, thrift, credit union, insurance, and community development financial institutions have access to products and services that help to promote the mission of supporting the housing market.

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Affordable Housing Program

For 25 years, FHLBI has been offering affordable housing grants to our members, who in turn partner with Indiana and Michigan communities to support low- and very-low income families and neighborhoods. Each year our bank commits 10% of annual net income to fund these programs. Since 1989, FHLBI has awarded nearly $250 million in affordable housing grants to support our members' local communities.

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Latest FHLBI News

Old National Bank’s Jennifer Gilbert Receives FHLBI 2015 Community Spirit Award

On August 27, 2015, FHLBI announced Jennifer Gilbert, Vice President of Corporate Lending at Old National Bank (ONB), Evansville, IN, as the recipient of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis (FHLBI) 2015 Community Spirit Award.

FHLBI Members Help Local Residents Purchase and Renovate Homes

For nearly 20 years, FHLBI members have helped hundreds of people purchase and repair homes using the bank's home ownership initiative grants. Read about how three FHLBI members are using these grants to improve the lives of their customers.
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