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Serving our members with their funding and liquidity needs since 1932

FHLBank Indianapolis members have the ability toFederal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis take advantage of a wide variety of products and services to assist with their liquidity, interest rate risk management, and operational needs.

Along with assisting with our members' funding and liquidity needs, our community investment and affordable housing programs allow our members to further economic and low-income housing development in their communities. Click the video at right to hear first-hand from members about the value we provide.

How to Establish Credit

Once you've become an member, there are some additional steps required to establish borrowing capacity and establish the ability to execute a credit transaction.

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Correspondent Services

Operational Needs? You can count on us!

The Correspondent Services Department at FHLBank Indianapolis helps you with the day-to-day tasks that keep your financial business flowing smoothly with automated clearinghouse services, wire transfers, net settlements safekeeping and more!

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