Putable advances offer a low-fixed interest rate in exchange for selling FHLBank Indianapolis the option to put the advance. FHLBank Indianapolis retains the ability to put the advance before maturity on any given exercise date.

  • Provide members with the opportunity to fund the balance sheet at rates lower than those of a traditional fixed-rate bullet


Typical maturities from 2-Years to 10-Years


Remains fixed until put or maturity

Interest is Paid

Monthly and/or at Maturity

Principal is Paid

At Maturity

Principal Prepayment Policy

The member may elect, with at least 2 banking days’ prior written notice to FHLBank Indianapolis, to terminate in whole this transaction. FHLBank Indianapolis shall calculate a reasonable termination amount (prepayment fee) which would leave FHLBank Indianapolis economically indifferent

Put Option

FHLBank Indianapolis shall have the option to put the entire advance on the lock-out date or on any exercise date thereafter. Typically lock-out terms range from 3 months to 5 years, with quarterly or one-time options


Members must sign and return an Option-Embedded Advance Disclosure Statement prior to locking a rate. Call FHLBank Indianapolis by 10:00 am ET for same banking day funding

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For more information or questions about our products, call the FHLBank Indianapolis Advances Desk at 800.442.2568.