Variable rate advances provide an alternative source of short-term liquidity. This short-term advance product can be paid off at any time for changing liquidity needs. 

  • Available for immediate settlement
  • Prepay in whole or in part at any time without incurring a prepayment fee
  • Provide flexibility in managing liquidity needs


Maturities up to 180-Days


Priced daily, based upon the bank’s short-term cost of funds. The initial rate will be set the day of funding.

Interest is Paid

 Monthly and/or at Maturity

Principal is Paid

At Maturity

Principal Prepayment Policy

May prepay in whole or in part at any time without fee. Notify FHLBI before 2:00 p.m. ET for same-day prepayment


Call FHLBank Indianapolis by 2:00 pm ET for same banking day funding

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For more information or questions about our products, call the FHLBank Indianapolis Advances Desk at 800.442.2568.