FHLBank Indianapolis is now accepting eNotes as eligible collateral to pledge from our members. In a Credit Bulletin dated August 11, 2021, FHLBank Indianapolis announced that effective immediately, qualified members may use eNotes to pledge as collateral.

An eNote is an electronic promissory note that is created, signed, and stored electronically rather than by traditional paper documentation. An eNote is much more than just an electronic signature on a document. Each eNote must adhere to a set of standards that ensures that their creation and storage is secure. The eNote process has several advantages for our members, as it allows them to complete closings digitally, which means the process can be accomplished remotely.

In order to pledge eNotes as collateral, members must comply with the Bank’s Electronic Promissory Notes (eNotes) Collateral Acceptance Requirements and Guidelines, a common set of core requirements for accepting eNotes as collateral. These guidelines are based on federal law pertaining to electronic signature transactions, and set forth standards relating to eSignatures, eNote documentation, eClosings, eRegistry requirements, eNote vault requirements, and servicing system requirements.  An eNotes checklist is available to assist your institution in preparing to pledge loans as collateral with eNotes.  Included in the checklist are the execution of two agreements and connectivity testing with the Bank’s eVault.   

For more information about eNotes, please see the below materials, including a webinar, video, and eNotes readiness checklist.

  • What is an eNote? - This short video at the bottom of the page describes what is and is not an eNote.
  • Overview Videos – These videos answer basic questions regarding an eClosing, eRegistry, and eVault.
  • FHLBank Webinar – A deeper dive video that provides an overview of eNotes and explains how they will impact the FHLBank system.


  • eNotes

    • Credit Bulletin: eNotes as Collateral - a Credit Bulletin that announces that FHLBank Indianapolis will now accept eNotes as collateral.
    • eNotes Checklist – A checklist that summarizes the steps your institution needs to take before they can pledge eNotes as collateral.
    • eNotes Requirements – This document outlines the requirements your institution needs to meet before pledging eNotes.
    • eNotes as Collateral FAQ - This document provides a glossary of common terms and answers to frequently asked questions about eNotes.

What is an enote? 







In-Depth Webinar