Lines of Credit (LOC) offer immediate short-term funds through a member's cash account at FHLBank Indianapolis. The full amount of the Overdraft LOC may be drawn down without contacting the Advances Desk for each request. With the Overdraft LOC, there are no ratings triggers or debt covenants and no compensating balances.

As with all credit products, the full amount of the Overdraft LOC must be collateralized at all times and capital stock requirements apply.


Maturities up to 12-months


Within the range of funding approved, a rate equal to the current variable advance rate will be charged.

Interest is Paid



The member may draw funds any banking day during the term of the credit line by simply accessing its CMS account with FHLBank Indianapolis

Principal Prepayment Policy

May be paid at any time by depositing funds to the CMS account


Call FHLBank Indianapolis by 5:00 pm ET. A credit decision will usually be available by 4:00 pm the next day.

The table below outlines the commitment fees associated with Overdraft Lines of Credit including those with maximum credit amounts above $5 million:

Commitment Amount


<= $5 million

0.02% (2 bps)

>5 million & <=$25 million

0.05% (5 bps)

>$25 million

0.10% (10 bps)

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For more information or questions about our products, call the FHLBank Indianapolis Advances Desk at 800.442.2568.