Vendors at FHLBI

Colorful ropes intertwined to strengthen a main ropeAt FHLBI, we recognize the value of having a diverse vendor base. We are committed to working with minority-, women-, and disabled-owned businesses that can support our long-term objectives and add value to our business through innovative solutions that help us achieve our mission and goals.

FHLBI considers the following key factors during the procurement process:

  • Quality of vendor products and services
  • Quality of vendor customer service
  • Cost efficiency that does not compromise on quality or service
  • High ethics
  • Financial viability

To be considered as an FHLBI vendor, please complete the Vendor Registration Process.

Diversity and Inclusion Requirements

Certain vendor contracts with FHLBI must contain a clause committing the contractor to practice equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination in all of its business activities. Further, each contractor must include the clause in each subcontract it enters into for services or goods provided to the bank.

This requirement applies to contracts for services in any amount and to contracts for goods that equal or exceed $10,000 in annual value, whether in a single contract, multiple contracts, a series of contracts, or renewals of contracts, with a single vendor.

Reporting of Fraud and Suspicious Activities

FHLBI is committed to protecting its revenue, property, reputation, and other assets. Our Anti-Fraud Policy supports this commitment and strengthens our compliance efforts. This Policy addresses instances of possible fraud, money laundering, suspicious activities, and other illicit activities within the bank, but also includes the same activities if detected in our dealings with our members, Affordable Housing Program partners, and vendors.

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and Federal Housing Finance Agency regulations require FHLBI to report suspected fraud, money laundering, suspicious activities, and other illicit activities when they are detected. In turn, FHLBI expects all of its vendors to report to it any instances of the foregoing involving FHLBI, whether it occurs inside or outside the bank. Such reports should be made by contacting FHLBI’s Bank Secrecy Act & Anti-Money Laundering Officer at 317.465.0419 or

Vendor Grievance Process

The Vendor Grievance Process provides potential vendors with a mechanism to appeal procurement decisions if they believe the award process was not followed in an open, fair, and competitive manner. Such incidents should be reported to the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion. A written complaint can be sent to: The complaint should be as detailed as possible, including the names of the individuals involved, the names of any witnesses, direct quotations when language is relevant, or any documented evidence.