Corporate Governance

Federal Home Loan Bank Indianapolis is committed to achieving excellence in the principles of corporate governance.

FHLBank Indianapolis is committed to achieving excellence in the principles of corporate governance, including timely and accurate financial disclosures, open dialogue between the Board of Directors and management, accountability to our member shareholders and the public, and the utmost integrity in all of our actions.

If anybody discovers a potential safety violation, fraud, theft, wrongdoing, unauthorized destruction of FHLBank Indianapolis records, or material omission in reporting that could harm FHLBank Indianapolis or its employees, shareholders, customers or vendors, he or she is encouraged to report such concerns to Ethicspoint. Ethicspoint provides vendors and other users of FHLBank Indianapolis services, including the Affordable Housing Program, a way to anonymously and confidentially report wrongdoing.

To contact and report to Ethicspoint, dial 866-850-1408 or log on:

Log onto Ethicspoint

All reports will be treated seriously and will be investigated. Anyone making a good faith report will be protected from retaliation and harassment by the FHLBank Indianapolis and applicable whistleblower laws. Additionally, anyone making the report should immediately provide a follow-up report to Ethicspoint if that person believes he or she is or has been subject to any harassment, retaliation or other disadvantage as a result of filing a report with Ethicspoint.

Codes of Conduct

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Reporting of Fraud and Suspicious Activities

FHLBank Indianapolis is committed to protecting its revenue, property, reputation, and other assets. Our Anti-Fraud Policy supports this commitment and strengthens our compliance efforts. This policy addresses instances of possible fraud, money laundering, suspicious activities, and other illicit activities within the bank, but also includes the same activities if detected in our dealings with our members, Affordable Housing Program partners, and vendors.

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and Federal Housing Finance Agency regulations require FHLBank Indianapolis to report suspected fraud, money laundering, suspicious activities, and other illicit activities when they are detected. In turn, FHLBank Indianapolis expects all of its employees, officers, vendors, AHAC members, directors, members and housing associates, contractors, counterparties, service providers, and consultants to report to it any instances of the foregoing involving FHLBank Indianapolis, whether it occurs inside or outside the bank. Questionable Activity Reports should be made by sending a Questionable Activity Report form to the Anti-Money Laundering Officer at or  by contacting the AML Officer directly at 317.465.0419.

Questionable Activity Report Form

Questionable Activity Report Filing Instructions

Submit completed form and relevant attachments to