Products & Services

FHLBI members have the ability to take advantage of a wide variety of products and services to assist with their liquidity, interest rate risk management, and operational needs.  Along with assisting with our members' funding and liquidity needs, our community investment and affordable housing programs allow our member to further economic and low-income housing development in their communities.

Credit Services

FHLBI credit products provide members a vital source of liquidity through access to advances (loans), lines of credit, and letters of credit. Advances are offered in a full spectrum of terms with fixed, floating, amortizing, or embedded option structures that can be tailored to meet our members' funding and asset/liability needs.

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Advantage MPP

FHLBI offers another funding tool, the Mortgage Purchase Program (MPP), which allows members to sell qualified 5- to 30-year conforming, fixed-rate mortgages with LTVs up to 95%. MPP offers a competitive rate as well as the potential for participating members to earn additional income if their loans perform well.

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Correspondent Services

To meet their business operational needs, FHLBI members rely on correspondent services such as Automated Clearinghouse (ACH), Net Settlement, Securities Safekeeping, Wire Transfer, and Coin & Currency.

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Community Investment Program

Community Investment Program (CIP) advances and letters of credit help members ensure that their communities experience steady economic growth.

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Communities & Housing Programs

For 25 years, FHLBI has been offering affordable housing grants to our members, who in turn partner with Indiana and Michigan communities to support low- and very-low income families and neighborhoods. Each year our bank commits 10% of annual net income to fund Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grants.

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