FHLBank Indianapolis Seeks Candidates for Independent Directorship on Board of Directors

last updated on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 in Federal Home Loan Bank Indianapolis

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis Board of Directors (“the Board”) has announced that it is seeking candidates to fill one vacant independent directorship, with a term that runs through Dec. 31, 2024.

The primary role of a director is to oversee the operations of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis (“FHLBank Indianapolis” or “the Bank”), in conformity with its statutory authorities to provide advances, purchase mortgages from its members, administer affordable housing program and community interest grants, and provide other correspondent banking services.

To be considered for an independent directorship, a candidate must be a bona fide resident of Indiana or Michigan and meet other requirements under applicable FHFA regulations.

Ideal candidates will possess one or more of the following skill sets: acumen in economic disciplines; deep expertise in the financial industry, including a background in financial and asset liability management; well-versed in the housing finance industry; demonstrated expertise in the area of cybersecurity; and experience representing consumer or community interests. This individual also will be a current business executive with leadership, corporate governance and compliance experience, preferably from a board perspective. For additional information, please see the “Become a Board Member” page on the Bank’s website.

To enrich decision making and governance and to represent the needs and concerns of the communities and people served by the Bank, the Board values a diversity of perspectives. Additional details regarding this commitment can be found within the Bank’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy Statement.

The Board has retained SpencerStuart, a global executive talent search firm, to assist with this process. Expressions of interest and inquiries may be sent to: FHLBI@spencerstuart.com. To be considered, please provide a cover letter, resume, and contact information to FHLBI@spencerstuart.com on or before Dec. 6, 2022.

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