The potential to recognize additional revenue

FHLBI offers members a competitively priced alternative to the secondary mortgage market that can generate additional income while providing reduced interest rate risk and balance sheet flexibility. FHLBI's Mortgage Purchase Program (MPP) provides members the ability to sell qualified 5-to-30-year conforming, fixed-rate mortgages with LTVs up to 95% at a competitive rate with potential to recognize additional revenue if the loans perform well.


Why do participating FHLBI members like MPP?

  • Simple pricing structure – only one loan level price adjustment for cash-out refis.
  • Competitive pricing, selling and delivery through a secure internet connection.
  • Both servicing retained and released options.
  • Lender Risk Account – no other secondary market program rewards a seller for making good-quality loans.
  • Excellent customer service – our MPP team is committed to quickly and effectively addressing your mortgage selling needs.

And one of the most important reasons to join MPP? All of the loans FHLBI purchases from its members become earning assets. We don't securitize them to sell on the secondary market. That means that our members benefit from the income produced in the form of dividends on their FHLBI stock.


Lender Risk Account

We designed MPP to benefit our members, not mortgage insurance companies.The lender risk account (LRA) is the cornerstone of FHLBI's Mortgage Purchase Program, rewarding members for selling high credit quality mortgages. With MPP, rather than the sunk costs of Supplemental Mortgage Insurance premiums, the FHLBI funds the LRA at the time of loan purchase to offset potential loan losses. If the funds are not needed, they are returned to the seller over time.  This potential future cash stream is a value that is in addition to the competitive price given at time of purchase.  Learn more about the Lender Risk Account

Become An Approved Mortgage Seller

With MPP, FHLBI members of all sizes can benefit from FHLBI’s purchasing power and individualized member support.  To learn more and start the application and approval process, visit Become An Approved Mortgage Seller


Program Materials

We’ve provided you with all the resources you need to sell loans to FHLBI, including the program guide, servicing guides, sample contracts, and remittance details. Access MPP Materials.

MPP Contacts

Toll Free: 800-274-4636
Fax: 317-465-0287

Business Development

(MCC Negotiation, Training, Underwriting, LAS)

Cathy Garrett: 317-465-0553

Lee Cammerer: 317-465-0414


(MCC Contracts, Trading, Pair-Offs, LAS)

Candace Zuercher: 317-465-0554

Keith Pempek:  317-465-0558


Servicing Operations

Steve Broviak: ​317-465-0546​


Jeff Gentner: 317-465-0544​

Default and Loss Claims

Laurel Harpster: 317-465-0415​

Quality Assurance

(Underwriting, Servicing Audits, Document Custodian Questions)
Keith Pempek: 317-465-0558

Afshan Memon: 317-465-0548