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Keeping insurers fully invested.

Indiana- and Michigan-based insurance companies that become members of the Federal Home Loan Bank Indianapolis enjoy same-day access to the global capital market with customized funding structures from overnight to 10 years.

FHLBank Indianapolis membership is a valuable tool for insurers to manage liquidity and asset/liability needs—and ensure they remain fully invested.

In addition to its flexibility, FHLBank Indianapolis funding is generally the lowest cost and most reliable funding source for insurers. No wonder rating agencies view the Bank's membership as a positive ratings factor.

FHLBank Indianapolis Membership helps you:

  • Enhance your access to liquidity for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) as well as Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) plans.

  • Reduce your cash balances and increase investment income.
  • Prepare for catastrophic events and avoid asset fire sales.
  • Lock in economical term financing for special projects and general corporate purposes.
  • Create a matched book portfolio to increase operating leverage and investment earnings.
  • Access grant dollars to support low-income housing projects in your community.

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FHLBank Indianapolis Membership is available for qualified Indiana- and Michigan-based life, health, and property/casualty insurance companies.

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