Affordable Housing Program

We strive to impact the communities our Indiana and Michigan members serve, and the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) is a key part of our community-driven focus.

2024 AHP application materials are now available and can be found below under AHP Resources > AHP Application Packet.

The Affordable Housing Program (AHP) consists of one annual round where projects compete for available funds. Each year, we review applications based on the established scoring criteria, found in our Implementation Plan, as well as threshold requirements and overall subsidy need. Below you will find resources to assist with the different phases of the program.

AHP Application Packet - Here you will find resources to help you locate the requirements of the program, how to complete an application, as well as checklists to assist with document requirements.

Receiving Your Award Disbursement - If awarded, projects have one year to take an initial disbursement of AHP funds and three years to fully disburse the awarded funds and complete the project. This section includes resources used for submitting disbursement requests. 

Completing Your Project - Upon completion of the project, AHP staff will conduct an Initial Monitoring review to determine project compliance.  This section provides the resources needed for this review.

Long-Term Monitoring - After the project is complete and the Initial Monitoring review has taken place, a project enters Long-Term Monitoring.  This section contains resources to assist with compliance of Long-Term Monitoring.

AHP Resources

Past AHP Awards and Statistics